2-PK Yellow with extra 8" velcro strap

2-PK Yellow with extra 8" velcro strap

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Track, remind, and organize medication effortlessly!

Our reusable tracker ensures medication compliance. Optimize your dosage and stay on top of pills.

  • Product color: yellow/yellow
  • Product dimensions: ‎ 7x1.88x0.81 inches; 1.13 ounces
  • Universal fit and convenience: Our adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for most medication shapes and sizes (two pack comes with additional 8" velcro strap)
  • Around-the-Clock support: Our 24/7 functionality, allows users to rely on our product, keeping them on track throughout the day and week.
  • Versatile design: Store medication in original bottles to prevent pill mix-ups, mislabeling, and missed instructions. Using weekly pill containers requires removing pills, leading to potential errors.
  • Compact and reusable: Experience the convenience of our money saving portable/reusable design, allowing users to carry and use wherever they go.
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A nurse with a simple idea

I'm Shari, a registered nurse. Over a decade ago, I had a patient who came to the ER with stroke-like symptoms. We determined she had taken her sleeping pill twice. Frequent dosage problems like this led me to invent a user-friendly, technology-free, inexpensive device to help patients take their medication correctly. The result is Countapiller, a simple, affordable solution for patients and caregivers.