Invented by a nurse with families and caregivers in mind

  • 24/7 dials
  • No weekly pill sorting
  • Fits most prescription bottles
  • No batteries needed
  • Reusable and inexpensive
  • Keep meds in original bottles
  • Easy to throw in your purse or suitcase

Countapiller is a unique, reusable, bottle-mounted medication tracker that features two independent dials.

  • Easy to Use

    One tracks the day of the week, and the other tracks the time of day. Large numbers and easy-turn dials provide a convenient and user-friendly way to track medication as it’s taken while keeping it in original packaging.

  • Simple & Safe

    Unlike other medication tracking devices, Countapiller does not require weekly organization and prevents being left with unidentifiable pills.

  • It's Reusable

    It is designed with all-plastic construction, printed text, and space for customization with a logo or other branding. Countapiller mounts to virtually any bottle size with a universal plastic silicone strap.

A nurse with a simple idea.

I'm Shari, a registered nurse. Over a decade ago, I had a patient who came to the ER with stroke-like symptoms. We determined she had taken her sleeping pill twice. Frequent dosage problems like this led me to invent a user-friendly, technology-free, inexpensive device to help patients take their medication correctly. The result is Countapiller, a simple, affordable solution for patients and caregivers.